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Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Color Product Details Vibrant foam coloring that does not need to be damaged! Self-dyed, self-smoothing, rich, soft foam with no smudges The secret magic ampoule, which keeps your hair soft and smooth even after dyeing, does not give you any chance to feel...

Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Color

Product Details

Vibrant foam coloring that does not need to be damaged!

  • Self-dyed, self-smoothing, rich, soft foam with no smudges
  • The secret magic ampoule, which keeps your hair soft and smooth even after dyeing, does not give you any chance to feel the damage.
  • Ammonia free is the default! Pleasant dyed shampoo with sweet floral fragrance without odor stimulation

How to Use

Use 30 g of the first agent (hair dye), 60g of the second agent (oxidizing agent) and 5g of the conditioning mixture are mixed well before use and evenly applied to the hair.

After 20 to 30 minutes, rinse well with lukewarm water, then rinse thoroughly with soap or shampoo, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

The dose should be increased or decreased according to the amount of hair.

Precautions for use, storage and handling

1) In case of eye contact, wash immediately

2) In case of using cosmetics or after use, consult with a specialist if there is any abnormal symptom or side effect such as red spot, swelling or itching by direct sunlight.

3) Do not use in wounded areas.

4) Precautions for storage and handling

    A) Keep out of reach of children

    B. Keep away from direct sunlight.

    C) When the contents are sprayed or dropped on the floor, be careful that they are slippery.

5) Please do not use for other purposes than dyeing human hair. 

6) Hair dye

    A) Please do not use the following people. After use, skin or body may become irritable, or skin adverse reactions (edema, inflammation, etc.) may occur, or the current symptoms may worsen.

      (1) Anyone who has ever been swallowed by a decolorant containing the 'persulfate' compounded in this product and has not been well on the spot, such as area or vomiting, during or immediately after use, Lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; only & lt; / RTI & gt;

      (2) Those who had skin adverse reactions (edema, inflammation, etc.) when using a hair dye, or who had rashes, redness, itching,

      (3) Those who have experienced an abnormality as a result of a skin test (patch test)

      (4) People who have scalp, face, nape, swelling, skin disease

      (5) During menstruation, during pregnancy or possibly pregnant

      (6) Those who are recovering from illness, illness, or other illness after childbirth

      (7) Those with a specific constitution, kidney disease, blood disease

      (8) Persons with symptoms of mild fever, malaise, throbbing, dyspnea, frequent bleeding such as nosebleeds, physiology, or other symptoms that are difficult to stop bleeding

      (9) Propylene glycol contained as an additive in this product may cause allergies. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if you are sensitive or allergic to this ingredient. (Only for propylene glycol-containing products)

    B) Attention before use of hair dye

      (1) Two days before (48 hours) before dyeing, be sure to perform a patch test every time according to the following procedure. Patch testing is a test to see if there is a side effect with the hair dye. Even if you have stained without any abnormality in the past, please be sure to perform it every time because it may cause side effects such as allergies due to changes in the constitution. (The steps ① ~ ④ of the patch test can be clearly displayed using pictures, etc., and can be attached as an "Attachment" to the precautions for use when necessary)

        ① First wash the skin around the inside of your arm or behind your ear hair with soapy water and wipe gently with a cotton swab.

        ② Next, take a small amount of this product and prepare the test solution by mixing according to the prescribed method.

        ③ Apply the test solution to the area where it was cleaned beforehand, and leave it for 48 hours.

        ④ Observation of the test site should be done 2 times after 30 minutes and 48 hours after applying the test solution. If there is rash, redness, itching, blistering, irritation, etc. on the applied area, do not touch it with your hands and wash immediately. If you experience any of these skin irritations even before 48 hours, please stop the test immediately and wash the test solution.

        ⑤ If the abnormality does not occur within 48 hours, please apply immediately.

      (2) Eyebrows and eyelashes are dangerous and do not use. There is a risk that the mother liquor may get into your eyes. Please do not dye other than hair.

      (3) Do not dye immediately after shaving.

      (4) Please do not apply Perma Wave (Permanent Wave) for one week before and after the hair.

    C) Attention to hair

      (1) Make sure that the liquid does not get into eyes while the salt mother liquor or hair is being wound. If you get into the eyes, it can cause severe pain or in some cases can damage your eyes (inflammation of the cornea). If it gets into your eyes, never rub it with your hands and rinse with water or lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes and consult your ophthalmologist immediately. Do not use eyewash etc. at random.

      (2) Please do not take a bath or dampen your hair before dyeing. There is a risk that the salt mother liquor gets into your eyes through sweat or water droplets.

      (3) If you feel any abnormalities such as skin rash, redness, swelling, itching, strong irritation, etc., or vomiting, stop dyeing immediately and wash the salt mother liquor well. If left untreated, symptoms may worsen.

      (4) If the salt mother liquor gets on your skin, wash it off with water immediately. To protect your fingers or nails, wear gloves and dyes.

      (5) Please coat in a well ventilated place.

    D) Attention after hair dressing

      (1) If you have skin irritation such as rash, redness, itching, blisters or irritation on your head, face or nape, please do not scratch or rub the area with your dermatologist. Please do not use medicines at will.

; (2) If you feel a physical abnormality, such as a bad feeling in the hair after hair or hair, please consult your doctor.

    E. Storage and Handling Precautions

      (1) Do not store the mixed salt solution in an airtight container. It is dangerous because the pressure of the gas generated from the mixed liquid may damage the container. In addition, the mixed salt solution will not spill up or contaminate the surrounding area and will not be erased. Since the balance of the mixed liquid does not work, be sure to discard the balance immediately.

      (2) When disposing the container, be sure to open the lid.

      (3) After use, avoid direct sunlight and avoid contact with air and store in a cool place.

Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Color

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[Mise en Scene] Hello Bubble Foam Hair Color
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