[Tamanohada] Shampoo 540ml #004 GARDENIA
Tamanohada Shampoo 540ml #004 GARDENIA Product Details Non-silicone type fragrance shampoo that enjoys the smell. Clean up your hair and skin with a lot of fine bubbles. Aroma Sweet and sensual Gardenia (gardenia) blended with lemon oil and ylang ylang oil. Fresh sweet smell....
$45.00 $38.95
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[Tamanohada] Conditioner 540ml #004 GARDENIA
Tamanohada Conditioner 540ml #004 GARDENIA Product Details A conditioner that gives gloss and moisture to damaged hair.Finishes softly, leaving a pleasant scent on the hair next day.Aroma A blend of lemon oil and ylang ylang oil to sweet and sensual gardenia....
$45.00 $28.95
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